Texas Lease Hunting

Lease hunting in Texas is a pasttime thousands of hunters look forward to each year. Starting in September with opening dove season, the long wait is finally over. It's all about camaraderie with hunting buddies and the thrill of the big buck out your blind window. It's also about a productive, responsible and enjoyable hunting tradition that will last long after we've pulled a trigger for the last time. Enjoy the Texas lease hunting experience as a steward of the land and as a protector for the next generation of hunters.

From the Hill Country to the Brush Country of South Texas. the enjoyment of hunting in the Lone Star State is not an activity available to only the priveleged few. We firmly believe that hunting, fishing and outdoor recreational activities contribute to the well-being of adults and children alike. Hunt Texas and enjoy Texas.

Types of Texas Hunting Leases

Because of the abundance of game in Texas, Texas hunting leases of all types are plentiful. Hunters can find a lease is for dove, season leases for quail, weekend leases for hogs or year-round leases for all types of game including white tailed deer. The type of the lease hunters are looking for generally depend on their budget and time available to hunt. There is no shortage of hunting leases in Texas and spending some time looking around will pay off as you can find a lease that fits your time, schedule and budget. We'll look at some of the common types of hunting leases them in Texas below.

Dove Hunting Leases

Dove hunting leases are most abundantly available by type as day hunting leases. A day hunting dove lease can cost anywhere between $25-$100 per day with most of them being in the $75-$100 a day range. Day leases for Dove can generally be found in the newspaper, on signs along the road, on the Internet or by word of mouth. Most day dove leases are cash only and are payable upon arrival at the lease. There are dove leases that are season-long and these are quite common in South and Central Texas. Finding a season-long dove lease isn't that difficult but it's important to be sure that the dove lease is in a flyway, has water or is surrounded by something that attracts dove, such as fields planted in milo. Some season-long dove leases may not hold dove for the whole season due to migratory patterns and water availability. Make sure you ask plenty of questions but know that there are no guarantees as mother nature is unpredictable.

Deer Hunting Leases

A deer lease is the most common type of hunting lease found in Texas. Although rare, day leases for deer can be found around the state. A deer hunting day lease shouldn't be confused with a guided or package deer hunt. If you're looking for a day hunting deer lease, the best place to look is in the newspaper or on the Internet. Season long deer leases are by far the most available type of deer lease hunters look for. Depending on the contract, other game such as dove, quail, hogs and Turkey are generally included in a season-long deer lease. The most preferred type of deer hunting lease is an annual lease which grants hunters year-round access to the hunting property. Keep in mind that an annual lease often restricts activities during the off-season.

Other Types of Texas Hunting Leases

other types of hunting leases found in Texas include Turkey leases, quail leases, varmint leases and as mentioned above, dove leases. These leases are unique in nature and often relegate lessees to hunting one type of game species. While Turkey and quail leases afford hunters the ability to harvest game that they want to eat, varmint and hog leases are generally designed to reduce the population of nuisance species. For instance, hogs can do damage to land, fences and feeders. Controlling the population of hogs is something every landowner strives to do in order to protect the condition of the property. For this reason, hog hunting and hog leases are commonly inexpensive. Another destructive animal is most notably, the coyote. Coyotes can devastate a deer herd in times of drought and attack young fawns just after birth. Coyotes and hogs are generally hunted on a weekend type hunting lease.

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