Texas Lease Hunting

Lease hunting in Texas is a pasttime thousands of hunters look forward to each year. Starting in September with opening dove season, the long wait is finally over. It's all about camaraderie with hunting buddies and the thrill of the big buck out your blind window. It's also about a productive, responsible and enjoyable hunting tradition that will last long after we've pulled a trigger for the last time. Enjoy the Texas lease hunting experience as a steward of the land and as a protector for the next generation of hunters.

From the Hill Country to the Brush Country of South Texas. the enjoyment of hunting in the Lone Star State is not an activity available to only the priveleged few. We firmly believe that hunting, fishing and outdoor recreational activities contribute to the well-being of adults and children alike. Hunt Texas and enjoy Texas.

Hunting Lease Insurance

One of the most important things a hunting lease party can have is an insurance policy. Whether or not it is specified in the lease provisions of the contract, it is strongly recommended to have an insurance policy to protect your personal assets in the event of a hunting lease accident. It's not something that people think about often when leasing land for hunting, but it is something that should be discussed between members of the hunting party is the lease allows for guests to access the hunting land and partake in hunting activities.

Hunting Lease Insurance Policy Coverage

Insurance policy coverage for a hunting lease should be an ample amount to cover any occurrence that could bring liability. Most basic policies for hunting lease insurance include $1 million per occurrence liability. Coverage should extend to all activities normally engaged in on a hunting lease throughout the year, not just a hunting season. This type of coverage would ordinarily extend to accidents involving firearms, vehicles, ATVs or even an incident involving climbing into or getting out of a deer blind. Additionally, coverage should extend to members of the lease, family members and the coverage of guests.

Think about what could happen if your hunting lease, which is intended to be a source of enjoyment, is all of a sudden the centerpiece of a lawsuit seeking your personal assets. Remember that the outdoors can be dangerous and it's a good idea to have an insurance policy to protect yourself and members of the lease in the event something goes wrong in the great outdoors.

Finding Hunting Lease Insurance

Insurance for a hunting lease is extremely easy to find. Basically, all one hunter has to do is speak with his or her insurance agent about a hunting lease insurance policy. As mentioned above, whether or not hunting lease insurance is required in the contract, it's advisable to have a policy in order to protect your assets in the case of an accident involving injury or loss of life. For the most part, hunting lease insurance policies are fairly inexpensive. There are many options available in the insurance market for hunting lease insurance through either a broker or through association membership. In addition to checking with your insurance agent, consider other opportunities through associations such as the Texas Wildlife Association or the National Rifle Association (NRA).