Texas Lease Hunting

Lease hunting in Texas is a pasttime thousands of hunters look forward to each year. Starting in September with opening dove season, the long wait is finally over. It's all about camaraderie with hunting buddies and the thrill of the big buck out your blind window. It's also about a productive, responsible and enjoyable hunting tradition that will last long after we've pulled a trigger for the last time. Enjoy the Texas lease hunting experience as a steward of the land and as a protector for the next generation of hunters.

From the Hill Country to the Brush Country of South Texas. the enjoyment of hunting in the Lone Star State is not an activity available to only the priveleged few. We firmly believe that hunting, fishing and outdoor recreational activities contribute to the well-being of adults and children alike. Hunt Texas and enjoy Texas.

Hunting Lease Expenses

Over the years hunting leases have become an important source of income for the rancher and farmer and trophy hunting has raised the cost of some leases to become unaffordable to most working families.

Financial Requirements and Hunting Lease Budgets

Leases can cost $2.00 to $15.00 an acre depending on quality of animals and facilities on the property.  Most South Texas Trophy Whitetail lease rates are $10.00 - $15.00 an acre with a minimum of 1,000 to 5,000 acres.  Ouch!!!!  This might be fine for the well healed trophy hunter but can challenging for the hunter that wants to share the same outdoor traditions he or she experienced with their family.  Though most of us would like to have a big trophy on the wall the reality is that it may not be economically feasible. Not to worry, many reasonable leases can be found and with some basic game harvest management high quality Whitetails and game can become a reality in just a few years.

When looking for a lease make sure the owner of the land and all of your potential lease members have the same game harvest goals in mind to avoid conflicts in the future.  Nothing is more disappointing then to build a great game program over many years and have a land owner and or lease member threaten the future of the lease by not establishing clear goals prior to the lease being signed. Also make sure it is clear whether the lease is seasonal or year round.  A year round lease is worth paying a little extra for in order to be able to share the outdoors with family and friends at different times of the year.  You will experience more wildlife diversity, migrations and the flora and fauna of the place creating lasting memories. 

One of the most important components to understand before getting on a lease is the economic expectations of the land owner and each lease member.  Every lease is different but basic considerations that almost always apply are: